About Us

Paul and Vish moved to Port Douglas from Victoria in 2014 - and are now settled into Port Douglas life.

Paul is 50 years old, and has created and run a number of online business for the last 20 years. Paul has just completed five years of study for his Law Degree at JCU in Cairns.

Inspired by Vish's experience and success in providing in-home care in Port Douglas to another local resident, Paul thought it was time to look for a new local business idea where he can wear shorts! (This is the Shorts Clause folks, these services will not be delivered wearing a suit and tie in the tropics).

What else does Paul do?

  • Created and operates CairnsAirportShuttle.net
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO). What's SEO? That's where Paul makes (often invisible to website visitors but not Google) tweaks on your website to help your website search higher on Google. SEO also involves 'offsite' links and tweaks pointing to your website to help your website search higher on Google. See more about Paul here.

Vish is not 50!, and is currently studying at JCU (focus on Urban Design and Visual Arts and Digital Design) and working with TPG Architects in Cairns several days per week.

What else does Vish do?

  • 35 years a musician with a new baby grand piano at home, and a harp that is more portable. Those of you around Port Douglas may have seen Vish at the Port Douglas Sunday market over the years, until people stopped carrying cash and made that a not-so-profitable activity in the tropical heat.
  • Artist, book writer and composer. See more about Vish here.